ShapeWorks™ Weight Loss

Lose your unwanted pounds and inches with ShapeWorks™. Backed by 24 years of cutting-edge science, there’s simply no program like it! Our breakthrough products have helped millions achieve their long-term weight-loss goals. They can help you too. Start today, and stay motivated with the support of ShapeWorks™.

ShapeWorks™ uses power of protein to create the personalized  program that delivers healthy weight-loss results.

Every ShapeWorks™ kit includes Cellular Nutrition® products and the power of protein to help you manage hunger and feel great as you lose weight, get in shape and stay that way for life!

Contact us on 01932 889236  for a personalised protein programme.

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Change your shape for life-with a new breakthrough personalised protein prescription

Dr. Heber maintains that everyone is born with a particular shape - and this shape makes a huge difference in how you should approach weight loss. He teaches the difference between the shape you can change and helps you find the personal protein prescription to best achieve your goals. You can jump start your plan with the Empowering Shake -the best way to make sure you meet your protein needs and control hunger-and then you'll build your own ideal diet.

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